• Begin again

    I've been thinking some more about new beginnings: the excitement, the potential of promises, the rush for whatever 'it' is to get past being a beginning.

    Yet once you get past that beginning stage 'it' loses it's magic, it's appeal, it's lure.

    The excitement gives way to the mundane, the promises get broken or forgotten.

    We give up.

    We go back to where we started.

    And we begin again.

    Sometimes this happens with diets or with exercise because we set our goals too high: we want to run for 3 miles straight away, or we diet all day and expect that will make us skinny. We don't appreciate that, particularly if you haven't run for a long time, being able to run at all is an achievement. Who cares if you first run for 30 secs or 30 minutes? No-one else will care, except you. Your friends will applaud whatever you achieve because they are your friends and they celebrate you (unless you are unfortunate enough to have a miserable unfeeling bunch of friends). And who else would beat you around the head because you slipped in your diet? Just you.

    So drop your expectations, don't aim so high. Celebrate the little steps. Just like the cliche about looking after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves says: watch the details. If every day you eat a bit less and move a bit more, you will see results. They might not be as quick as you like, but it's better than no results. And something else: stop making excuses. Don't precede your achievement by saying, "it's not much, but ...", or "it's silly, but ...". It is a big deal and it isn't silly. You are a big deal and you aren't silly.

    Accept that things take time and things change over time. A relationship is not the same after five years as it is after five months. The excitement may have gone but hopefully that has been replaced with something much deeper, something that exists beyond words, and beyond reason.

    Here's another cliche: every day is a new beginning. Every day we have a chance to start over and start appreciating who we are. In fact, why wait for the day to begin? Every minute is new: we are constantly given the opportunity to repeat ourselves or re-invent ourselves. Of course we'll make mistakes, we're only human, but (and here's another cliche), it isn't the mistake that matters, it's what you do about it that matters. Actually, i don't entirely agree with that though - some mistakes do matter, particularly if they affect/hurt/endanger someone else. Sometimes you do just need to think before you act: do something about the mistake before you make it. Use that to make you stronger, to build your integrity, to find your kindness (both to yourself and to others). Begin again.


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