• Day Fifteen

    After the alarm went off this morning I put my head back on the pillow.

    That might have been the end of this blog, if I hadn't suddenly lurched out of bed a minute later. I was very aware that if I closed my eyes for too long they might have stayed shut all day, and I had a job to do.

    So I had a shower and pottered around like a little old lady, trying to remember everything I was supposed to do before a marathon. Luckily Edd was super efficient this morning so he more than made up for my bumbling.

    We got to the Palace at 6.59am and as soon as the guard said go, I went.

    I headed off up the Mile, and as usual my body questioned whether this was really necessary, and also as usual, I ignored it.

    About three-quarters of the way up the Mile I saw my husband Simon waiting for me. I asked if he was coming to to top of The Mile with me but he said he would wait and run down with me. Simon is NOT a runner, he likes to think he is a mountain biker but he's only been out a couple of times on his bike this year, so I'm not sure if that counts. So running down the hill made sense to me - he also wanted to run past the webcam so people at home would see him! Once I got back to him he joined me and we gently ran down the hill. Simon wasn't dressed for running and I expected that once we got back to Edd he would stop running. ut I was wrong; he carried on all the way to the bottom, back to the top and back to Edd. By now Simon was very sweaty and his hair was starting to flop (he has a mohican), so I asked if he was going to wait with Edd now. Still no: and he ended up staying with me until he had run for about 7.5 miles!! This is unheard of! We recently played a game of rounders for a friend's birthday and Simon had to have someone run for him as he pulled his hamstring running round the little pitch. So his achievement today was amazing, so amazing that I got the giggles! Luckily for Simon he had to go to work with the lovely Benefit Cosmetics girls so he was able to leave at that point, though he did have to go and buy himself a new tshirt and redo his hair!

    Shortly after Simon left I was joined by Elspeth. Elspeth did the Edinburgh Marathon in May and we soon fell into step with one another as we chatted about children, running, fitness, college, training and hopscotch. I really enjoyed running with Elspeth, as she had a vibrant energy that was contagious (just what I needed!)

    I was also over the moon to be joined by my children and my Mum today! I met them at the bottom of the Mile and my youngest son Noah, who is 11 started to run with me straight away. He stayed with me for 1.5 miles. After a while Zach started to run with me. Zach is 13 and hadn't planned on running today so was wearing his skinny jeans and then my Mum and both of the boys walked briskly/ran slowly with me to the top of the Mile. I was thrilled to be able to introduce them to the people I've got to know on the Mile, and to share the sights and experiences that I have been lucky enough to witness.

    They all had a short break after that and I carried on on my own, but knowing that I was going to be seeing them each mile really helped to keep my mood on the positive side. Today ended up being fairly painful on the physical side as my left hamstring was really tight and just above my right knee also started to feel really sore. I could tell it was probaby just a tight muscle so I wasn't too concerned, but I still had about 10 miles left to go. Zach and Noah really helped me here, taking it in turns to run with me, which kept me distracted from the pain as they chatted to me about all sorts of things. At home I normally try and make sure that the boys have some time apart from each other over the holidays as it helps them to stay friends so the turn-taking not only gave them a break from each other, but also enabled me to have some individual time with both of them; a good chance to catch up after being apart. in the end Noah ran about for about 6.5 miles with me and Zach ran for 5 miles. The pain in my knee got fairly intense for the last couple of miles so I walked with my Mum too, which was the perfect finish to my 15th marathon.

    At the physio I had to eat humble pie though: I told Nicholas about my knee and he sorted out a couple of bits for me, then asked if I stretched the front of my legs (quads) much. I said no, because they are too tight too stretch. Of course as soon as I said this I realised this is why I need to stretch the front of my legs and I was left feeling a bit daft. I am on a steep learning curve with this running lark!

    I felt very priviledged and blessed to be able to share today with my family.

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    • 1. Aug 25 2013 6:15PM by Heather

      Love your family photos!

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