• Day Five

    Today has been full of surprises. They started off a little unpleasant - today was the first day that my legs were hurting a little bit. I know that shouldn't be a surprise as I've done a little bit of running, but I quite liked them not hurting. Don't get me wrong, they weren't awful, just a little tight.

    Then around about the 9 mile mark I started to get angry. This was a complete surprise and I found myself powering up the hill feeling cross. Then before I knew it I was standing at the traffic lights and crying. I'd been thinking, and my thoughts led me to my Grandad. Grandad was an incredibly strong man, he used to be a boxer, he was on the submarines in the war, he was a builder and he would cycle to work with his ladder and his tools on his bike. Some years ago he had a stroke, and the stroke robbed him of speech. Grandad was one of life's great talkers - he always had a story and was happy to chat to anyone. I also knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loved me and liked me being around. Some years after his stroke, he started to get really ill, but it took him a long time to die. When he did die it felt like a relief; he was ready to go, and he had been so ill that it was a peaceful release. But today I was angry that he was robbed of the last years of his life, I was angry that I was robbed of him, I was angry at the system; why does someone who has done no harm end up suffering so much at the end of their life. He was so strong, and then he wasn't.

    But someone was looking out for me, because at that point I was joined by Tim. He ran with me for a few miles and he really helped me through a very difficult patch. Tim is a school teacher and by the sound of it a very good one. I was impressed with the way he talked about the children he teaches, he had an air of gentleness about him and he was also good-humoured. He completely lifted my spirits. Tim told about his wife, who is also a school teacher and that it is their wedding anniversary soon - congratulations! I hope they have a fabulous day :)

    After that the Storytelling Centre came out and gave Edd a very welcome cup of coffee - it's tough for him sitting out there all day so do give him a wave and a smile if you see him. Then the Fudge Kitchen came across the road with a massive slab of fudge for me! I LOVE fudge and this is the most delicious EVER! Go and get some if you are on The Royal Mile, you won't be disappointed! And then, one of the buskers gave me his CD! And people started telling me that had been reading about me and wishing me luck. Then someone stopped to pick something up right in front of me and I nearly somersaulted over the top of them. Luckily I didn't!

    So a day of ups and downs, but nevertheless a day that has been done! Off to eat some fudge now :)

    ps I've run 131 miles in 5 days.

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    • 1. Aug 25 2013 7:18PM by Heather

      Hi Vicki, thanks for sharing some very personal stuff about yourself through your blog. I wish I'd met your Grandad. PS do you think you'll need a trip to the dentist after all that fudge?!

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