• Day Fourteen

    Had a bit of a broken night's sleep last night as my foot was a bit sore, but some painkillers and a flapjack partway through the night seemed to help, as I woke up this morning with minimal pain in my foot and not too many aches elsewhere.

    I definitely got out of the bed on the right side this morning. I felt positive and happy and ready to face the day! My first task was an interview on BBC Radio Essex. It's not always easy to be coherent and intelligent at 6.20am but I think I managed to pass muster.

    My second task was to run 26.2 miles. I was greeted at the start today by Michelle. She is up in Edinburgh for the Festival and at home she likes to sail and to run. We were started off by Stewart, another of the Palace Guards and away we went up the hill. Michelle was great fun to run with, as we chatted about sailing and running and a few other girly things too! After a couple of miles Michelle headed off and I carried on, feeling fairly chipper.

    The aches and pains were not any less today than they have been on other days, if anything, there were a few miles where my foot hurt quite a bit more than it has done recently. But last night I decided that if I got to the end of the 26 marathons and I'd been miserable for most of it then it would be a wasted opportunity. Not many people get to witness The Royal Mile like this and it would be a shame if I didn't appreciate it whilst I was here.

    The other thing I have noticed is that it takes about the same amount of effort to be in a low mood (about -2) as it does to be a good mood (about +2) and I know which feels better.

    I kept my good mood by making an effort to look at people and smile; to notice the things going on around me; to take the time to stop and chat to people. I was out for the longest time yet today, but a lot of that was spent talking to people, and making a connection with others really helped to keep my spirits high.

    I know that everyday is not going to be a delight all the way, I know that things are going to hurt; but this is all temporary, and I hope to be able to acknowledge, accept, then release any negativity.

    I also kept singing the Eminem song in my head: I'm not afraid. I'm rubbish at remembering song words so this is probably paraphrased, but this was my mantra for the day:

    I'm not afraid

    To seize this moment

    To feel the pressure

    But carry on

    Down the same road.

    After a while it became a lot like an Army chant, but it worked and kept me going up that hill, as did thinking about my wonderful nieces and nephews and the imminent arrival of my boys!!!!!!!!! (any time now!!!!)

    I can feel the Mile and it's people seeping into my skin now and I like it.

    Thank you to everyone who is sending me positive thoughts and messages, they mean a lot to me :)

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    • 1. Aug 25 2013 6:20PM by Heather

      You speak a powerful truth Vicki: you can choose how to feel and if it's the same effort to choose to be miserable as to be happy, and yet being happy makes you feel so much better (duh!) then it's the obvious choice. I wish this wisdom could percolate to all the people who live their lives in misery rather than choosing a positive outlook. I hope you won't mind me making this comparison: Victor Frankl and you have a lot in common whether it's Man's Search for Meaning in a concentration camp or a woman's search for meaning whilst running 26 marathons sometimes in a lot of pain.

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