• Day Six

    What a difference a day makes! I had a chance to speak to my nutritionist, Chris Mcmanus and my sports psychologist, Murray Griffin yesterday evening, which helped me to get my head straight. It was really good to be able to talk to people from home as well. I absolutely love Edinburgh and the people here are friendly and welcoming, even when their city is being invaded, but it's still good to talk to people I know. All the comments and 'likes' on facebook and twitter are really helping me too; I'm blessed to have such a brilliant set of friends and family. I also went, briefly, to the escalator launch party. Don't worry I didn't stay long and I leant against a pillar the whole time; but it really helped me to see other artists that I know well, some I haven't seen for a while and to meet some new artists who are also showing work at The Fringe.

    I slept well last night and at 6am the sun was shining and I felt raring to go. Tosh was my official starter again today; he was telling me that he used to be in the army and he ran for about 10 miles a day for 25 years. I take my hat off to him.

    As usual, I was joined by Anthony Roberts, so far the most regular runner. He has even increased his distance up to about 0.75 miles ;)

    Everything jogged along nicely until about 10 miles when my feet started to hurt. Then my legs hurt. Then my back hurt. Then my shoulder hurt. This is the first day that I've felt a little out of breath whilst running and my rate of perceived exertion (how hard I think I'm working) finally reached 'somewhat hard'. So I tried lots of distraction techniques: looking around the mile (I found a house I've not noticed before today), smiling at everyone (hoping it didn't look too much like a grimace), reciting Shakespeare, breathing exercises, counting, not counting, focusing on the pain, ignoring the pain. Just after the 18 mile mark the man from The Fudge Kitchen came over again with another huge slab of fudge! And I'd just been thinking that I could do with an injection of fudge about then ... perfect timing! My lovely runner from yesterday also returned at about the 20 mile mark with a bag of tangfastics for me and a newspaper for Edd :)

    Apart from Anthony I didn't have any other runners today but I did meet the beautiful Gracie and her Dad (thank you for cheering me on!), a lovely family and three women who had all set out to find me. People are also starting to chat to me at various points to say that they have heard about me on the radio, or they have read about me and I love it when they take the time to do this, it means a lot when someone makes the effort and keeps me smiling for some time after I leave them.

    Despite the pain today, or actually because of the pain today, my confidence grew. I think the pain is something I will just have to get used to now, at least for a few days until my muscles get used to it and it will be a breeze again! But because I kept running, and because I wasn't any slower than yesterday I was really proud of myself for digging deep and getting through it. It may well be painful tomorrow, but that's ok. I'll grit my teeth and get to the end. And it's not as if I will be the only one in pain tomorrow. So many people live in constant pain and have to manage their life around it, for a lot longer than I will need to. This is where the question of motivation comes into this performance; how do people motivate themselves on a daily basis, particularly when they have to fight/grind against pain, fear, anxiety, monotony ....


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      Pain is temporary, memories are forever.

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