• Day Twenty-Five

    The penultimate marathon! What a strange feeling.

    I’ve always believed I can do 26 marathons in 26 days but I never truly understood the magnitude of the task. But even before I started I knew that a large part of my confidence stemmed from blissful ignorance and I was more than happy to keep it that way.

    I’ve got this far because I’ve had really good support and advice from The Human Performance Unit; I’ve had artistic and pastoral support from my incredible producer Edd Hobbs; I’ve been thoroughly patched up everyday by my very talented physio, Nicholas Evans; I’ve been motivated, inspired and encouraged by family and friends from home; I’ve had financial and practical support from my sponsors; I’ve been well supported by people on The Royal Mile, visitors to Edinburgh and the Fringe, other artists and especially by the generous runners and walkers that have shared this journey with me.

    And that’s why I’m here, having run 25 marathons in 25 days, preparing to run my 26th.

    I’ve got mixed emotions about tomorrow; perhaps I’ll feel relieved, elated, sad, or a mixture of all of them and more, but I do know that I’m determined to enjoy the last 26.2 miles.

    Today has been a lot of fun. Andrew Jeske joined me at 7am and stayed for the whole marathon, so I’ve now had four people run 26.2 miles with me. Chris started the day with me too; Rod also came back and ran a few miles with me; Heather and Dallas came along; Dallas LOVES running and it was an absolute delight to run with her and Heather (Dallas is a beautiful dog that gets so excited before a run that she starts howling!); Jamie, another member of Jog Scotland, joined me for quite a few miles; Michelle, Helen and Mags came along in their beautiful bras (I certainly don’t normally get that number of cheers!!); Holly Bodmer (extremely talented and lovely performance artist) came along; Steven came back with his friend Jacqueline (collecting steps on her pedometer for a competition at work), Noel came back for a few miles, even after completing the Tough Mudder yesterday; Fiona came back for a few miles; Heather joined me for a while and introduced me to her husband at the church just up from The John Knox House; even my physio, Nicholas (who does NOT run!) came and ran with me! Then Steve Goatman from The Lakeside Theatre in Colchester bought me a mince pie (which didn’t last long) and ran a couple of miles with me. And finally, another set of very dear friends from home; Sam, Sean, Harry and Joe surprised me by turning up on The Mile! I had no idea they were coming and it was amazing to see them. Sam, Harry and Joe (and Zach) then ran the last three miles with me (Sean promises he will run tomorrow!!), which helped to make the end of the 25th marathon very special indeed.

    I’ve felt so lucky today, having so many people coming along at various points throughout the day. It always felt like just the right person came along at just the right time, which meant that I really got to enjoy every single mile and I finished the marathon feeling very blessed.


    • 1. Aug 25 2013 7:04PM by Dallas the Dog

      Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof!!! Translated - I had a truly wonderful time running with you Vicki. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog.

    • 2. Aug 25 2013 8:46PM by Rod strachan

      Vicki, Really enjoyed the two mornings with you. Don't think you realise what a remarkable achievement 26 in 26 actually is. I know for you its a "performance" but from a sporting perspective it's incredible. Well done and have a great last run tomorrow....and enjoy the lie in and "full Scottish" on Tuesday !!

    • 3. Aug 25 2013 9:07PM by Stella

      I have really enjoyed reading your blog and felt scared and excited by what you have been doing. Congratulations and enjoy tomorrow. Lots of love.

    • 4. Aug 25 2013 9:18PM by Quinn

      I thought Ken Dodd's shows were long! Good luck tomorrow in completing the task - you've done amazingly.

    • 5. Aug 25 2013 9:24PM by Kim Bennett

      I am amazed at your amazingness in completing your marathons Vicki - it's really been a tremendous event to watch and read over the last days and the months of your preparation. Well done - will be webcam watching you through the last one tomorrow - see you soon x

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