• Day Twenty-Four

    I slept really well last night; for the first time in ages I didn’t wake up with any pain in my leg.

    The 4am starts are getting really difficult now though and I count them off just as I tick off each marathon. I think I’m more excited about not waking up to an alarm on 27th than I am about not running a marathon! I almost made the fatal error of putting my head back on the pillow after I had turned my alarm off today, but before I succumbed I managed to drag myself out of bed.

    Michael met us at the start today with a big warm smile. The Palace Guards set us on our way (“Ready, set, go”) and off we went.

    Ali also came back and joined us fairly near the start so the three of us ran along chatting away. After a short period we were joined by Alan and Stephanie, from New York. They normally run with the New York Flyers (http://www.nyflyers.org/) but as they are staying in Edinburgh for a few days they’ve hooked up with The Edinburgh Running Network, so they did a short stint with us before heading off to run a 5k with them. Alan and Stephanie have also just completed an Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, 26.2 mile run, completed in that order without a break) so it was great to chat to them about that.

    After a while Michael had to go and Ali and I carried on running. It was raining but luckily it was just a soft rain so we didn’t get cold. Unfortunately I got in a bit of a muddle with my painkillers today and took the wrong ones a bit too early, so I had about an hour of running where everything felt a bit foggy, and I ahd to wait for th right painkillers to start working, but once that had settled down the pain was minimal and my head cleared!

    Ali left after about 15 miles but it wasn’t long before Zach came along and ran a couple of miles with me, followed shortly after by Andrew, Alastair, Abby and Reggie.

    Simon and Noah came along to cheer me on as did Kim and it was great to see them every time I checked in with Edd.

    Today has been the busiest day in Edinburgh so far. There were five cruise ships in, so all the people from there were walking around as well as everyone else! It took some time to weave through the crowds but this is still my favourite bit; I love the challenge and the distraction and the energy from all the people there.

    Emotionally I felt really good today (I can sense the finish approaching) and physically everything felt better too; any pain wasn’t too bad (mainly) and I didn’t feel quite as tired as yesterday.

    At the moment I’m finding that I’m jealous of two different groups of people. The first are people that I see running properly (not shuffling!) and I look forward to the time when my legs have enough energy to actually look like they are running when my brain is telling them to run! The second group that I am jealous of are young children in their pushchairs, especially if they are fast asleep!


    • 1. Aug 24 2013 6:04PM by Chris Highcock

      Well done Vicki......and go Reggie!!!

    • 2. Aug 24 2013 7:06PM by Michael Findlay

      Fantastic experience running with you this morning and being part of your project. You are an amazing inspiration. Hang in there for the last couple of days.

      All the best, Michael

    • 3. Aug 24 2013 8:17PM by Paul Savage

      Ah, Vicki - you are such a sweetheart. Nex ttime I see you I'll push you around in a chair and you can relax like the precious little 'uns you speak of. Congratualtions, love: you are an amazing inspiration in both little and large ways. I am SO with you in spirit for the next two! Imagine what you've achieved! Just thinking about it make me well up! :-) <3

    • 4. Aug 25 2013 5:17PM by Heather Jones

      Hi Vicki, just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed running with you this morning. You have inspired me to get back to a regular running routine. You also helped me do my longest run in 3 months, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dallas the Dog had lots of fun too and she seemed to epitomise much of what you are doing - just running and enjoying the sights, sounds and experiences. I'm really interested in what you've been finding out about yourself through this experience; and I love your writing style, your honesty, and the insights you bring into the world around you and the world inside your head. Have a fantastic day tomorrow. Heather x

    • 5. Sep 2 2013 9:24PM by Stephanie Pianka

      Congratulations on your outstanding achievement.! It was such a pleasure spending some time with you as you completed Day 24 of your marathon festival ... I hope you are taking some well deserved time off this month to enjoy your family and bask in the glow of your achievement. - Stephanie (NYC)

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