• Day Twenty-Six

    So I’m sitting here, feeling very very tired: the girl who ran 26 marathons in 26 days, up and down The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, August 2013.

    I said I’d do it, and I did.

    This last day has been a big swirling pot of emotions, trying to savour every moment, trying to appreciate everything, taking it all in for one last time.

    I was very lucky to be joined by lots of different people today, some runners who had run with me previously (like Dallas and Heather), some new runners, like Bex and Jamie (new youngest runner at just 2 and a half years old!). Anne came back and ran the whole marathon with me: the fifth person to do so, the first woman to do so. It was Anne’s first marathon too and I felt incredibly honoured to share my last 26.2 miles on The Mile with such a special lady.

    I was over the moon when my Dad turned up. I’ve been missing him dreadfully and I’ve been longing for a hug from him, but I knew that he was busy at work and couldn’t get away so I hadn’t told him just how much I wanted to see him. It was just perfect to see him on the last day. And I was so overcome with seeing Dad that it wasn’t until we had run just over half a mile before I noticed that my brother was there too! Mark has been such an inspiration and a source of strength to me, not only in these marathons but throughout my life too. He wouldn’t know it but I’ve always looked up to him and admired his approach to life, his discipline, his determination and his generosity. Mark ran the last 13 miles with me, which was a fantastic gift.

    Then more old friends arrived: the beautiful Bobby and her lovely husband Simon. It was starting to feel like a party! New friends, old friends and family surrounded me. At times I began to feel quite overwhelmed by the occasion, a bit panicky, a bit under pressure. But being surrounded by this community of people meant that I was able to find an anchor within it all. The end was still tough: photographers turned up (and I had no mascara on!), I had to say good bye to the castle guards, the palace guards, to Tom still collecting money in his wheelchair. I felt a bit like Forrest Gump, running down The Royal Mile with a big group of people following me. Then I looked at my gps watch: 26.20 miles. It was time to stop. So I did.

    This is the journey that went nowhere; it started here and ended here. But it’s travelled through lows and highs; it’s built a community; it’s tested my endurance, my discipline, and my commitment. It’s taken me to the point of looking at my fears straight on and then allowed me to run past them. I’ve had to motivate myself when all I wanted to do was stay in bed, or stop my feet moving. It’s demonstrated the power of participation; the willingness of people to step in and get involved, whether by looking as I pass, cheering, following me on twitter, or facebook or getting up and coming running with me. It’s been everything I hoped for and more. I’m in awe of everyone who helped and joined in. This won’t be my last blog, though there may be a gap for a couple of days as I think about everything that has happened and begin to process it all. It’s time to let my body heal. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey: you have inspired me and given me strength when I needed it.

    One last thing: John started me off today, with these wise words: “on your marks, get set, GO”

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    • 1. Aug 26 2013 8:40PM by Filomena

      Fantastic Blog dearest. It really is time for you to rest up and relax. How wonderful for us your friends and family to know you - the very wonderful Vicki Weitz, the girl who ran 26 marathons in 26 days. It is a book my dear, I can see it clearly. Huge love enormous hug and so proud to know you. xxx

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