• Day Twenty-Three

    Today I was tired.

    However, I was good emotionally and managed to remain feeling positive throughout the marathon.

    This was helped by having a number of runners with me today, with Andrew, Lan, Anthony, Hannah, Noel, Simon, Jason, Chris, Kyle, Steven, Nick, Abby and Reggie joining me at various points of the day. I loved Jason’s decorated conical bra; chatting to Lan about dogs, running with the lads during their lunch break and sharing the experience with 6-year-old Reggie (who ran 2 miles, with no problems).

    I also saw lots of people from home today, so I stopped for lots of hugs and chats along the way, which boosted my spirits no end.

    Physically it was a lot harder today. It felt like the equivalent of hitting the wall during a marathon. It was mainly because I felt so tired, my pace was very slow and it took so long to do the first 13 miles that I really had to steel myself to keep going, especially knowing that I would have to keep going for a long time yet!

    Luckily the painkillers started to feel like they were working at about 19 miles so my pace improved and I began to feel a lot more comfortable. I’m pleased that I was able to separate the physical tiredness and discomfort from my emotional well being as I think that helped me to keep going too.

    I also ate more today whilst running as I think that might have contributed to the feeling of panic I had at the end of yesterday’s marathon. I have noticed that I’m starting to feel hungrier when I’m running and as my pace is not too fast my stomach can cope with proper food like a tasty cheese sandwich!

    I’m even able to think about the finish now. This morning four marathons in a row still sounded a lot (and I still had over a hundred miles to run). Three sounds more manageable and I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    The support I’m receiving, here in Edinburgh, back home in Essex, from friends and family abroad, on facebook and twitter continues to amaze and inspire me every day, and I continue to be extremely grateful for everyone’s time and kindness. Thank you :)

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    • 1. Aug 25 2013 5:18PM by Heather Jones

      Food is good. Keep munching those jelly babies!

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