• Day Twenty

    I was tired today and the front of my leg was hurting as we walked over to the Palace, so I was really pleased to see some people waiting for me.

    Warren, one of my lovely policemen from the parliament had come to run a few miles with me, as had Fiona from Edinburgh Running Network and Iwan, from being on holiday in Edinburgh. We introduced ourselves and after a quick stretch and a start from the Palace guard ("off you go then"), we set off. Right from the beginning it was obvious that the front of my leg was going to be difficult and my pace was noticeably slower.

    Having company helped a lot though and the atmosphere was easy and light-hearted for those first few miles as we had a chat and a laugh up and down the Mile.

    Warren had to leave to go to work after a while so we said goodbye and carried on. It felt really easy running with Fiona and Iwan and although the pace was very slow they very kindly stayed with me. I took painkillers fairly early on today and regularly applied nurofen gel and freeze spray to ease/block the pain.

    Ryan came and said hello at one point; like Michelle yesterday he has been following the performance online. He ran a short distance with us and told me about the ironman he has just completed. I love hearing about other people's endeavours, whether they are sporting or not as it is really interesting to hear how people set themselves a challenge and motivate themselves to complete it.

    Fiona stayed with us for 10 miles; this is a longer distance than she would normally run for on a Tuesday and 10 good miles of distraction for me, so we were both pleased!

    Iwan decided to stay until he felt tired and as he was feeling ok, he kept going. Iwan was very calming to run with and helped me to keep my mind off the pain. Apart from the day my foot was first hurting this has been the next most painful day to run. Initially it was just the front of my right leg, then my left knee, then the back of my right leg, then my shoulder ... On the plus side, my foot didn't seem too bad at all!! I continued to take painkillers when I could and I tried to keep eating and drinking in order to stay on top of my mood. But despite this, towards the end of the run (about 22 miles) I started to feel a bit grumpy. This is the first time I have felt grumpy (as opposed to moany or sad) so it took me by surprise a bit. I told Edd and Iwan how I was feeling, and I found that just saying I was grumpy helped me to feel a bit better. I wasn't asking them to cheer me up as I know that my feelings are my responsibility but acknowledging them definitely lessened them. As Iwan and I ran down the hill we started talking about films we like, and I found that switching my focus onto something enjoyable and away from running improved my mood.

    Iwan and I kept going, just putting one foot in front of the other until we had run 26.2 miles. Iwan is now the third person to run a whole marathon with me (and the second to do so unintentionally!!) It is such an amazing feeling when people achieve so much more than they expect on the Royal Mile.

    After the marathon I felt a lot of relief, probably more than after any other marathon. I now have 6 marathons left to run and while I am pleased with this, I'm very aware that this is still 157.2 miles over the next 6 days, so I'm still taking it one day at a time! Step by step, day by day I'm getting closer to my goal.

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    • 1. Aug 25 2013 6:28PM by Heather Jones

      It's profound how runners can bond and provide support to each other just by plodding along together. All credit to Fiona for supporting you for 10 miles and a big woo hoo to Iwan for his 'unintentional' marathon. As the Yanks say on Fitocracy "BIG PROPS" (whatever on earth that means!)

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