• Day Two

    I had a really bad night's sleep last night, possibly to do with nerves; I've always felt that I would be massively overtrained for one marathon, it would be the cumulative effect of all the marathons that I wouldn't know if I had trained adequately for. So in a sense, it felt like day 2 was the start of the unknown.

    I needn't have worried. The physio I had with Nicholas Evans at www.e-physiotherapy.co.uk was so good that when I woke up this morning I couldn't believe I had ran a marathon yesterday, my legs felt so fresh! The only disappoinment was that despite eating nearly 4000 calories yesterday, I had lost 0.6kg, so I really need to try and eat more today. That shouldn't be disappointing but I'm finding that in the afternoon I'm struggling to eat - mainly because my tummy is full of sweets, but today I have also felt quite sick. I'm waiting for that to pass so I can fuel up for tomorrow.

    People were beginning to engage a lot more today, I had lots of smiles and people asking me what I was doing, offering encouragement and advice. I met another policeman at the Parliament: Dominic, who was also really friendly. My official starter today was Stewart Dix, one of the guards from the Palace of Holyrood House. I forgot to get a photo, but if he is there tomorrow I'll ask. He was so kind, he told me to focus and be careful of the roads. Later when it started to rain he told me to go slower because it was so slippery.

    Jane Malcolm came and ran with me for a bit. She runs around the festival each year and writes a blog about what she sees. It was a delight to meet her and chat about running, families, compassion, and living life! She has run for the past 27 years, clocking up an impressive 25,000 miles in that time. She was an inspiration, very open and friendly and a perfect example of the ability that we have as humans to inspire and support people we don't even really know, just by reaching out and acknowledging others.

    Skip over the next paragraph if you don't like talk of 'women's problems' or feel it is too personal. Ordinarily I wouldn't talk about this type of thing but there is no denying that I am a woman and it is something that I will have to deal with during a run that is a month long. Apologies to the sensitive ones amongst you.

    Part of the reason I didn't sleep well last night was because my period arrived - 6 days early. On the one hand this was a good thing as the PMT that normally throws my balanced approach to life right out of the window along with anything that happens to be lying around near it, seemed to be kept at bay. But, whilst running I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain and a dragging sensation at the bottom of my tummy that took a lot of my energy. It was a a shame because the running itself wasn't difficult, but I had to really focus through the period pain. I'm hoping that it won't last for the whole of my period.

    Ok, you can come back now!

    I kept my run slower today, partly without choice as the mile was noticeably busier and I was weaving through the crowds a lot more and partly because I was deliberately keeping my pace down. Although I was out on the road yesterday for 5:09, my actual moving time was 4:32 and today I was out for 5:44 but my moving time was 4:46, so some improvement there. Normally you'd try to go quicker but as I'm in this for the long haul I'm trying to be sensible.

    I had some photos taken and did an interview for The Times newspaper today as well, it should be in next week, I'll let you know when.

    I think I can eat now, then it's off to bed, hopefully for a better nights sleep!


    • 1. Aug 2 2013 8:05PM by Paul Savage

      Go Vicki. I am glued to your blog and the coupla FB pages: they're asking me in the office "how's she doing?" "did she do it today?" One girl is a runner and she sent your URLs to everyone in her club (c. 600) and she can't believe you're doing this! Love ya, kiddo! We're all behind you here (not to put ANY pressure on you at all. That was done already by your own sweet self! LOL)


    • 2. Aug 6 2013 9:26PM by sue warner

      Keep up the great work viki, been reading your blogs everyday i think what your doing is amazing. You have a lovely family behind you which is great and i'm sure everyone back here in Halstead is routing for you. Keep up the good work. In your blog you mentioned your dear grandad and how sad you felt i'm sure he is very proud of you and watching every step your taking his probably running along side you haha. Keep pounding those streets take care sue.

    • 3. Aug 25 2013 7:31PM by Heather

      Hey Vicki, I'm nearly at the start. It's taken me nearly as long to read and reflect on your blog as it took you to run your first few marathons! I have really enjoyed following you on your journey and joining you on day 25.

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