• Final Preparations

    It's been an odd day today, mooching around making sure I've got everything I need. I got up at 4am to practice eating porridge early. It was ok, but towards the end of the bowl I was starting to sweat a bit. I forgot to have the Optimum Nutrition shake for breakfast but better to forget it on a day I don't need it than a day I do (mental note for tomorrow!).

    I went for a 10 minute run up The Royal Mile, which was stunning this morning. The sun was out, a few people were out and about and a group of about 20 runners thundered down the hill past me as I ambled my way up. People were mainly in a good mood, apart from one cyclist at a red traffic light who looked a bit impatient.

    In the morning Edd Hobbs (my producer) and I met Jeannie and Tom. Jeannie is sorting out all the flyerers for the Escalator East to Edinburgh shows, and Tom is one of those flyerers. I have asked that Tom doesn't hand out flyers for me but instead hands me food and drink each time I pass him and helps me to fill in the sports science forms. Tom seems very nice and is going to be on The Royal MIle outside the John Knox house from 9am - 10am every day.

    By the afternoon I was feeling the effect of the early start and had a nap. Then the evening has been spent getting all my food and drink ready for tomorrow; there is a lot of it!

    Emotionally I've been a bit up and down, mainly up but I've had a couple of wobbles. I'm not thinking much past the first couple of days as it would be too overwhelming if I did. I've felt really small and unsure, which is confusing as I'm confident I can run 26 marathons in 26 days.

    I'm reading Ffyona Campbell's book about her walk around Africa and at the start of each walk she says to herself not to be scared, she's only going for a walk. I'll be saying to myself, don't be scared, you've only got to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    Anyway, I'm off to bed now so good night.

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    • 1. Aug 25 2013 7:55PM by Heather Jones

      Hi Vicki, thanks for sharing so much of what's been going on with you in preparing for this major endeavour. I am particularly impressed at the early morning porridge eating. That's thorough preparation. And am sure it will have helped your body's digestive system to get into a good routine for the days that lay ahead. Well done.

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