• Running Beyond Language

    Starting at the same time as Kuopio's marathon (11am on Saturday 5th September 2015) I will run until 1.20pm on Sunday 6th September. That's 26.2 hours on a pedestrian street in Finland. The street is 250 metres, so I'll keep running up and down this for the duration of the performance.

    I will run in silence.

    The audience is warmly invited to sit and watch me, support me, join me in silence and/or run with me (also in silence). Hopefully there will be a live webcam on the street so even if you are not in Finland you can still watch me, comment on me.

    Language enables us to constrain, reason and order life.

    Language encourages us to make life fit us.

    But sometimes life just doesn't fit, events happen that remind us that the very nature of our lives is unstructured, incomprehensible, beyond words.

    Running allows us to access that very area of life that exists beyod reason, beyond sense, It provides the route past langauge, it allows us to just 'be'.

    Running shows us that life is an experience to be felt, not always to be understood, it allows us to experience life as it is, without borders of reason.

    If you run fast enough, language becomes impossible: the body cannot breathe, move and speak all at once.

    If you run far enough language blurs into the landscape: you blur into the landscape.

    There is a transcendence.

    It could be a means of escape.

    It could be a protest.

    It might not be beautiful.

    This is the silent run.

    This performance will be the third collaboration between myself and the Human Performance Unit at the University of Essex. With training, psychological and medical support from leading sports scientists, I have previously investigated the relationship between sport and art with Three Step Endeavour (2010) and 26 marathons in 26 days (2013). For example when I ran 26 full marathons over 26 consecutive days as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festval in 2013, the Human Performance Unit provided regular interventions to ensure I was both physically and mentally safe and able to complete the project successfully. As part of the collaboration, data collected from performances has been used as the basis of scientific research papers that have been published and presented at conference.

    In addition to physical/biological research I try to use extraordinary endeavours to invesitgate a critical investigation into the social role of motivation, support and achievement. The participatory invitation at the heart of Running Beyond Language is crucial to the exploration of the social political value of people running together, in silence, beyond words.

    Hopefully the Human Performance Unit will continue to provide me with support for Runing Beyond Language. They have already done some tests on me and have started to create interventions to ensure I complete the 26.2 hours, and they will continue to support me in the lead up to, and aftermath of the performance. However, I would really like to be accompanied by one of the sports scientists in Finland. Their presence at the performance will enable them to carry out more tests during the event itself, where they will be hoping to understand what changes happen to the female body when it is placed under stress, how the mind reacts to extreme feats of endurance and whether the interventions they have devised have worked, as well as making sure I stay safe for the entirety of the performance. As before, this research will be used to write and present scientific papers , increasing our understanding of how the mind and body reacts to physical, mental and environmental stress.

    The Human Performance Unit will cover the costs of the sports scientist, tests and equipment but I need to cover the costs of their travel, accomodation and food, a total of about £700.00. If you are a business and would like to make a contribution to this amount please email me: vickiweitz@hotmail.com. In return for your donation, I will advertise your company logo on my website and social media sites. My audience figures for 26 marathons was 4.5 million - and whilst this isn't likey to be as high as that there will be some exposure for your business. If you're interested please get in touch.

    Many thanks!!


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