• The Road to Edinburgh

    Yesterday I travelled from Halstead in Essex to Edinburgh in Scotland (397.9 miles – 283.3 less than I will be running). I completely failed to pack lightly so I ended up with three large and heavy bags. At the outset of my journey I thought to myself that if I can make it up to Edinburgh with these, the 26 marathons will seem a doddle.

    What was far harder than I had anticipated was leaving my children behind. I knew it would be difficult, but as soon as I got in the car I started to cry buckets of grief-stricken tears. I’ve never left them for this long, and whilst I know they are fiercely independent I am also acutely aware that they are only young and that this journey is hard for them too. I’m so proud of them and the love and support we share. I carry them in my heart and they are never far from my thoughts. I cannot wait to see them when they join me in Edinburgh. When my first son was born I was hit with an overwhelming rush of love. I'd certainly never felt anything that powerful before and it took my breath away. It's a love that isn't concrete or tangible and it is beyond any words but it is so strong and powerful, it's like a constant beat within me. The birth of my second son only strengthened and deepened these feelings. I am incredibly thankful to be blessed with them in my life and I'm also very happy that we live in a world where I can contact them easily. I know that not everyone has this luxury.

    After feeling emotionally drained at the start of my journey I’m impressed by the acts of kindness I saw and experienced on my way. I saw young men giving up their seats, someone helping me with my bags, people offering to take away rubbish for others, small smiles here and there, people chatting to strangers, a mother entertaining her two young boys on a very long train journey, two peaceful ladies sitting near me, both knitting, and staff going about their jobs with a smile and a kind word. The lady sitting opposite me remarked that it was worth taking life’s gifts where you can and this journey has certainly been rich in those gifts.

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    • 1. Aug 25 2013 7:35PM by Heather

      This is a beautiful blog. It made me cry.

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